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Forged Generator Main Shaft

Forged Generator Main Shaft

Shandong Laiduan Machinery Co.,ltd offers free forgings, gear shafts and other designed forgings. Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to oil and gas industries, wind energy industries, machinery industries , iron and steel industries and so on for many...


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Hydro generator main shaft

A hydro generator main shaft is a transmission shaft used on a hydraulic generator. It is a water-to- wire generator with the turbine as the prime motor. When the water flow goes through turbine, it changes the water power into mechanical energy. After the rotation of the rotor of generator driven by turbine's spindle, it changes the mechanical energy into electricity power to output. hydro generator is the main power equipment to making electricity energy in a hydropower station. The main shaft of hydro generator is mind parts. It needs more stronger and reliable and need it to be forged.

Mainly in the following features:

  1. the role of the middle connection, the lower part connected with the turbine shaft, the upper part connected with the exciter spindle .

  2. to withstand the rated torque of the unit.

  3. vertical unit, generator main bearing due to thrust load Tensile stress caused by .

  4. to withstand unilateral magnetic pull and rotate the mechanical unbalanced sector.

In order to ensure the quality of the orders, our independent QC members to carry out strict inspection at each stage.

(1)Incoming material inspection

(2)Inspection of work-in-progress

(3)Finished product inspection

(4)Random warehouse inspections

All of our operations are strictly compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 guidelines

We own qualified hydraulic press,HT furance,lathe, CNC machining, inpact testing machine,hardness tester,UT and MT testing equipment, spectrometer,metallographic microscope.


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