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Shaft Forging

The shaft forging is really forged shaft form kinds of steel or iron. The shaft can be single step, double steps and multiple steps. The shaft size and shape will be designed and produced with the customer’s drawing or dimensions.
  • Forged Roll

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    Forged Roll

    Back roll,Inter mediate roll,Clod work roll,Press roll,Forged Steel roll,Leveling roll,etc. Normally used for Metallurgy,Forging Machinery,papermaking machinery,plastic machinery,rolling mill machinery,bending machinery etc.Read More

  • Forged Roller for Rolling Mill Rolls

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    Forged Roller for Rolling Mill Rolls

    Roller is used to support the work roll, and the roll can reduce the diameter of the work roll and increase the roll rigidity of the work roll by contacting the roll with the work roll. Roller forging are widely used for metallurgical equipment industry and rolling mill (for...Read More

  • Forged Press Roll Pressure Roller

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    Forged Press Roll Pressure Roller

    A Forged Press Roll Pressure Roller is the main component of the steel industries. The core material of forged pressure rolling mill roller is 42CrMo. The cover material is a special material: 32Cr3Mo1V.Read More

  • Forged Generator Main Shaft

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    Forged Generator Main Shaft

    A Forged generator main shaft is a transmission shaft used on a hydraulic generator. It is a water-to- wire generator with the turbine as the prime motor. When the water flow goes through turbine, it changes the water power into mechanical energy.Read More

  • Motor Shaft Forging

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    Motor Shaft Forging

    A motor shaft forging is a special drive shaft that is specially applied to motors. Motor shaft, is drive shaft in fact. It is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components in a motor.Read More

  • Forged Machined Hydraulic Column Part for Hydraulic Machine

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    Forged Machined Hydraulic Column Part for Hydraulic Machine

    A hydraulic column of hydraulic machine is used for forging equipment and it can support the equipment.We have big hydraulic machines, forger hammers and treatment technique. We can make kinds of forged machined hydraulic column parts for hydraulic and other machine and can...Read More

  • Forged Piston Rods

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    Forged Piston Rods

    Forged Piston Rods are usually attached to the crosshead and the piston by a transverse slot and a tapered key or gib. Driving this key sideways tightens the attachment. Using a transverse key allows relatively easy dismantling for maintenance.Read More

  • Forged Exhaust Fan Shafts

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    Forged Exhaust Fan Shafts

    Forged Exhaust Fan Shafts are Normally used for wind electric generation,Transmission,Gearbox, metallurgy,boat building, petrol industry, mine industry, machinery manufacturing etc.Read More

  • Turbine Main Shaft Rotor

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    Turbine Main Shaft Rotor

    A Turbine Main Shaft Rotor is the rotating part of the turbine. The forged turbine rotor is inspected and then automatically welded together. This technique is unique to our manufacturing process. It ensures high integrity and maintenance-free rotors, but most important...Read More

  • Steel Forging Drive Shaft

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    Steel Forging Drive Shaft

    A steel forging drive shaft is a power drive shaft, used in equipment, automobile, ship and other industries. It is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because...Read More

  • Forging Steering Intermediate Roller Shaft

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    Forging Steering Intermediate Roller Shaft

    An forged intermediate shaft is in the middle and link the parts, used in the equipment, automobile and marine industries. It simply transmits torque from one place to another, supported by bearings. It is not connected directly to the motor or other power source, and is also...Read More

  • Forged Gear Wheel Shaft

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    Forged Gear Wheel Shaft

    A forged gear wheel shaft is the component of a mechanical device that transmits rotational motion and power in the mechanical equipment and reducer industries. It is integral to any mechanical system in which power is transmitted from a prime mover, such as an electric motor...Read More

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We're professional shaft forging manufacturers in China, providing high quality products. There are forged shafts, forged axle, eccentric shaft and pinion shaft etc for sale. Welcome inquiry and orders.
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