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Flexural strength and application of ductile iron pipe
Jun 30, 2017

Flexural strength of ductile iron pipe

Flexural strength Bubb MPa specimen in the middle of the two supports under the action of the central load, so that it is broken, the broken cross-section of the maximum positive pressure 8PL to the round specimen: Bobb 8PL to rectangular specimen: BUBBIN--2BH-specimen bearing maximum concentrated load (n)-the span between two supporting points (mm) d round specimen cross-section diameter (mm)-Rectangular truncation sample width (mm) H--W Rectangular truncation Interview sample width (mm)

Product name spot material execution Standard spot specification product application

High-pressure fertilizer pipe 16Mn Gb6470 applicable to working temperature for -40-400 work pressure for 10-32mpa of chemical equipment and pipelines

Conveying fluid Pipes #, $number ASTM A106a, B, C, A53a, b 16Mn Gb t8163 ASTM A106 ASTM A53 for general ductile iron pipes for conveying fluids

General Structure Tube #, $number, $number, 27SiMn ASTM A53a, b 16Mn Gb t8162-2008 Gb 117396 ASTM A53 applicable to general structure, engineering support, machining, etc.

Oil casing J55, K55, N80, L80 C90, C95, P110 API Spec 5CT Iso11960.23-508.00 * 4.24-16.13 tubing used for oil or gas casing in oil wells for use as shaft lining in oil and gas wells

Ductile Iron Pipe Use

1. The construction category has: The bottom pipeline transportation is most many, covers the building when extracts the groundwater, the boiler hot water transportation uses and so on.

2. Mechanical processing, bearing sets, processing machinery parts and so on.

3. Electrical type: gas transmission, water power generation fluid pipeline.

4. Wind power plant anti-static tube.

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