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Ductile Iron Tube Maintenance skills
Jun 30, 2017

Ductile Iron Pipe is a kind of pipe products commonly used in the process of plumbing and wiring in modern construction industry, it not only has strong compressive capacity but also is durable, but if it is not well maintained in the process of installing and using the tubing of this kind of material, its service life is quite short, ductile iron pipe maintenance skills are not believed to be most people understand, today little edited in this reorganization of the construction and use of the process in the maintenance of ductile iron pipe of the regular skills for your reference.

The maintenance of the ball-ink tube can be said to have been from its selection, before the project start we should be used to the necessary components, such as pipe parts, aprons, elbows, etc. a times the visual inspection of the naked eye, to avoid the use of diseased parts.

The second maintenance focus is the acceptance of the working time we should focus on the impact of long-term stable operation of the socket socket Hose (pipe), and so on, to strive in these aspects of the mouth no debris. Rubber ring has been the North rubber hammer smashed, evenly stuck in the groove.

Ductile iron Pipe maintenance process, because the axis of the dynamic pipe is buried deep underground, so when the tilt angle, be careful, if the resistance is too large, do not force excavation, in order to prevent rubber ring distortion.

Ball ink tube in winter maintenance also need to pay attention to warm water preheating to reduce hardness, rapid installation. In addition, if the project is used in the quality of ductile iron pipe in absolute compliance with national standards, then we should pay attention to aprons, welding, such as AC-DC dual-use.

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