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Ductile Iron pipe selection and maintenance
Jun 30, 2017
Selection and maintenance of ductile iron pipe One, why choose ductile Iron Pipe in the construction, especially the construction of urban water supply pipeline network, the pipeline products used by the high strength, high toughness, strong corrosion resistance and construction and installation of comprehensive costs, and many other factors. From these points of view, ductile iron Pipe is the best choice, from the production process of ductile iron pipe to the final construction and installation are in line with our requirements. The installation and construction of ball-ink tube in today's big city project, it can be said that experts in the industry know all. It can even be said that no matter how complex the project, the selection of ductile iron pipe as the main pipeline product is definitely a long-term cost-effective and the most sensible choice. Second, ductile iron Pipe installation steps are what ductile iron Pipe installation mainly includes the following steps 1, site selection, from the soil quality, nearby pipelines and other angles to select the ball ink tube installation route, and the formation of construction drawings, especially to be careful to avoid some corrosive unsafe installation routes. 2, pipe, pipe process need to use excavators, hoisting machines and other large-scale equipment, at the same time according to the experience of 10 meters length of the ball ink tube suitable for 2 to 3 workers on line with the laying pipe. The aprons are to be placed in the socket groove and are compacted by hand. 3, determine the pipeline distance, this link is the main length of the pipe on the line truncation, and according to the construction angle of the socket processing into groove shape, to facilitate the application. 4, tube body measurement, through the measurement of the tube body to determine the installation of Radian, vacancy, transfer, such as the formation of a straight space, corner space, in order to achieve a solid displacement. 5, positioning marking. The purpose of locating the marking is to achieve, the fixed tube, the movable tube axis line exists with a wheelbase the same straight line, this link is in order to guarantee the installment the quality and the speed, avoids the pipeline apron to fall the influence quality and the progress. 6, pipe installation to be flat, the pipe should be a straight line, when there is tilt angle, be careful. 7, the connection pipe interface to the socket, if the insertion resistance is too large, do not forcibly inserted to prevent rubber ring distortion. 8, the pipeline installation and laying engineering interruption, the application of its cover plugging will be closed to prevent debris such as sand into the pipeline. 9, before the test pressure should be in the middle part of each pipe appropriate soil.
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